Furniture belongs at home, not in landfills

At Koj, we take a stance against the unsustainable fast-furniture industry. We advocate a sustainable truly environmentally friendly alternative to traditional furniture retail.

A story about a broken industry

Furniture used to be long-lasting

The furniture your grandparents bought was durable, long-lasting, and sustainable.

The rise of fast furniture

Sometime during the last century, a new trend in furniture was being promoted by big retailers. They started to produce cheap, short-lasting furniture made out of plywood and other low-cost materials: fast furniture was born.

The devastating impact on our environment

This fast furniture trend fueled by some of the biggest furniture retailers has a devastating impact on our environment. Wood sourced from illegal deforestation is turned into cheap chairs and tables. Furniture has to be replaced on average every 3-4 years. And while the industry portrays itself as ecologically friendly, in practice only 1% of all furniture gets recycled.

In the next hour, 41’666 kg of furniture will end up in Swiss landfills.

It’s time for a change

At Koj we believe it’s high time for a change. We need to establish a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly relationship with our furniture. That’s why we only use high-quality furniture with long durability that we keep in circulation for as long as possible.

We need to do more

Offering a better alternative to unsustainable fast-furniture is a start. But the damage has been done. During the last 40 years, we lost 1 billion hectares of forest. That’s why at Koj we commit to a global reforestation project. For everyone who’s subscribed to Koj, we plant one tree per month. We know this is not the solution. But it is a start.